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Ideas shared publicly to void patentability of those ideas by any one else in the world.

Also to build ideas collaboratively. 


Patenting concept came with good thought of revealing some one's great idea to the world, still he/she/It(corporate) enjoying the rights on it (for 20 years).

Today patenting is misused by taking rights on anything and every thing.

One can't file patent on a topic which is publicly available. Hence all of us need to keep sharing our ideas publicly (if you don't plan to patent yourself). In the new digital era, sharing publicly is pretty easy. Same thing becomes a challenge for a patent office to decide if a given idea is new or already published some where in internet. Every one writing in their blog becomes too distributed information.

we need a common venue like wikipedia (say wikiideas) to commonly share ideas.

There must be some challenges for wikimedia not to take it forward.

This is one such common public place. Any one can post their idea. It will be recorded by their login name. If some one does not register, it will be recorded by their IP address (just like wikipedia).

One should post idea for the following reasons:

1) void patentability by some one. so whole world can use this idea.

2) some one else can build on top of your idea. so a small idea can grow to a huge innovation

3) It triggers one another idea to some one in the world. so we take man kind forward in technology.

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